Eilat / Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative

The Eilat–Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative aspires to create substantial economic growth in the Arava region by turning it into an international center for the development of renewable energy technologies, and at the same time making it energy independent.

The project is home to renewable energy educational and academic activities, Israel’s leading renewable energy conference (the EIlat/Eilot Renewable Energy Conference) and the deployment of substantial solar power. The Initiative’s work is highly regarded globally and enjoys major exposure as a leading hub.

Capital Nature is heading the Initiative’s technology innovation activities, and promotes the region as a major brain storming hub in the field. We offer entrepreneurs an ideal professional environment for advancing their innovations, attractive living conditions, and actual benefits for those relocating to the region.
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Eilat-Eilot ProjectEilat-Eilot Project
Eilat-Eilot ProjectEilat-Eilot Project