Capital Nature operates a Test and Validation site for Renewable Energy technologies. The site provides a full service one-stop-shop for pilot projects, making it an optimal acceleration platform for companies to cross the infamous “valley of death” spanning between R&D and mass deployment of their technologies.

The Capital Nature Experimentum is located next to the Arava Renewable Energy Academic Institute in Kibbutz Ketura, a 30 minute drive from the city of Eilat. It enjoys almost 365 sunny days a year, strong winds, and the vicinity of the Red Sea. The activity is backed by the vast testing and validation know-how of Capital Nature’s team and partners.

In our test and validation site we provide our customers with the following services:

  • Secured and fenced testing plot
  • On-site EPC and maintenance
  • Fully equipped meteorological station
  • Scientific and professional support and professional services
  • Detailed online measurement and reporting of outdoor performance & performance degradation
  • Optional grid connection
  • Access to Capital Nature partners
  • Exposure to ongoing visiting global delegations and related PR
  • Exposure (optional) at the EilatEilot International Renewable Energy Conference