ElectRoad takes a different approach in dealing with electric public transportation challenges by developing a unique technology that powers the bus wirelessly from the road while driving. By that, ElectRoad removed the energy source from the bus, reduced dramatically the cost and weight and eliminated the range anxiety. As compared to the other alternative, ElectRoad shows economic viability. ElectRoad solution is generic and easily applicable to all electric vehicle

Busnet & Trucknet is startup that provide efficiency solutions for big logistics problems, we are using cutting edge solutions and cloud infrastructure . Tracknet & Busnet is a cloud based system sharing empty space on any form of professional transportation to optimize financial income and environmental impact .

Enervibe brings a revolutionary MEMS Vibration Energy Harvesting (VEH) chip that drives the adoption of wireless and batteryless IoT devices in a vibrating environment.

BladeRanger brings an Autonomous inspection and cleaning system for photovoltaic solar and CSP fields, based on robotics components and advanced algorithms.

AugWind offers a breakthrough technology that utilizes solar energy to augment the intermittent wind energy. Augwind offers a solar augmented device that gets integrated to an existing wind turbine while utilizing the wind turbine power generating system while incorporating a novel power dispatchability technology.

Roadix Urban Transportation
Roadix provides an innovative personal vehicle, the MUVe, with a unique folding structure for a stable and secure ride, fast folding and carrying capacity similar to a trolley suitcase.

SolView is a software company providing advanced tools for solar sales targeting. SolView offers innovative automated solar potential assessment and leads qualification tools, and provides a platform which helps solar professionals better target potential customers, increase conversion rates and reduce marketing and customer acquisition costs.

Energo-On Ltd
Develops an “On Line” efficient Uninterruptible Power Supply machine for power range between 20 to 1000 KW. The technology is based on Hybrid energy storage that combines a rotating flywheel with hydraulic or electrical batteries. The system supplies continuously high quality power to the load even if the power source may fluctuate.

Chakratec develops a patent protected flywheel concept that provides a stationary green energy storage solution with low capital cost and a disruptive low cost per cycle.

Tamuz Energy
Tamuz Energy is developing a revolutionary low cost distributed solar technology for generating high value heat for industrial processes, steam generation, and cooling applications. Tamuz’s proprietary system is ground or rooftop mounted and delivers high temperatures of upto 300°C. Tamuz Energy offers energy at a substantially lower price than natural gas in most countries without incentives.
visit Tamuz Energy website

GEM Solar
GEM Solar develops a unique technology for kerf free slicing of silicon ingots into wafers used for photovoltaic (PV) cells thereby decreasing the cost of the silicon wafers dramatically.

Solariphy offers an innovative technology that enables a more efficient conversion of the sunlight to electric energy by solar panels. Solariphy’s patent pending solution, will enable PV solar panels to produce more energy than currently possible. www.solariphy.com

ZevaLED is developing a patent based led luminaire with unparalleled heat sync, as well flexible changing of any colors in a uniform no glare light.


Investments in Academic Research:

Improving Si-Solar cells efficiency using biomemetic antenna complexes (Researcher: Yossi Paltiel, Nir Keren)

Transforming waste cellulose into liquid fuels using halogenated intermediates (Researcher: Yoel Sasson)

Development of a rectifying diode for visible light frequency for sunlight nano-antennas as an electrical power source (Researchers: Erez Golan, Arcady Greshnik)

Improving Wind Turbines With Active Flow Control (Researcher: Avi Seifert)
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